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Central Government to Set Up National Medical And Wellness Tourism Board For India

23 Sep, 2016


The central government of India has declared that it will set up a National Medical and Wellness Tourism Board to promote medical tourism in the country in a more systematic and dynamic manner. This board will report to the Ministry of Tourism for now, and later to the National Tourism Authority. The scope of this body has been tentatively declared to cover medical tourism, health and wellness tourism, yoga, Ayurvedic treatment, naturopathy, Unani, and low-cost allopathic treatment. How these categories of options for foreign tourists will function individually is yet to be declared and is currently under rigorous discussion. The basic idea is to promote the various offerings in the country. For example, a new brochure called India – The Land of Yoga has been launched to promote the different types of yoga and the centers throughout the country where it is taught. The new body will have several stakeholders, representing the different arenas in this industry’s functioning. It will have ministry officials definitely, but also hospitals, hoteliers, medical experts, and tour operators. The body will be responsible for a systematic functioning of both medical and tourism bodies in coordination. With this kind of news, the overall scenario relating to medical tourism looks very positive.