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September 23, 2016

Knee Replacement in India

Before you opt for knee replacement, it is very important that you know what the surgery involves. Also called as knee arthroplasty, knee replacement is a surgical procedure that involves replacing the weight-bearing surfaces of the knee joint. This is done to relieve the joint of pain and/or disability. It is most commonly performed for osteoarthritis. Other cases in which it might be performed are diseases such as rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis. Then again, other cases such as trauma or long-standing osteoarthritis involve the need to perform a knee replacement. Whether the surgery is complicated or carries risk will depend from case to case.

Knee Replacement in India

A number of patients from all over the world come to India to get their knee and joint replacement surgeries done. The main reason for this inflow is the cost. India is cheaper than western countries such as USA and UK and also from other Asian countries such as Singapore. At the same time, the quality of infrastructure is unmatched at times. The country boasts of world-class doctors and facilities. Shall you wish to know more about them,
feel free to contact us on Our International Patients Department will be more than happy to help.

Why Should I Undergo Knee Replacement?

A lot of patients want to know whether it is really important for them to undergo this surgery. The answer to that is yes. If your doctor/healthcare physician has recommended that you do, it is advisable. You can also contact us for a free second opinion. This surgery will relieve pain, improve your mobility, and also your quality of life.


Just like other surgeries, a knee replacement surgery also involves risks. These might be infections, stiffness, loosening, etc. Sometimes, there is a chance of blood clots. In this case, your doctor might prescribe blood thinners.

Post-surgery Care

After knee replacement surgery, don't pivot, kneel, squat, or twist on the involved leg for at least six weeks. When in bed, keep the involved knee as straight as possible. It is advised you opt for physiotherapy in India itself as the doctors can then monitor your progress better.

How long will My Surgery Last?

As there have been advancements in this field over the last years, it is said that 85% of cases in this surgery will last 20 years or even more.


Knee replacement surgeries accounted for 4.6% of all United States operating room procedures in 2011, with 718,000 hospitalizations. Also the number of surgeries performed in U.S. hospitals increased by 93% between the ten-year period from 2001 to 2011.

Cost of Knee Replacement Surgery in India

This is a general cost of knee replacement surgery in India as compared to western countries such as USA and UK. As you can see, the cost is way less than the other two.

Procedure USA($) UK($) INDIA($)
Total Knee Replacement 40000 13000 8500
Knee replacement (unilateral) 32000 38000 3000
Knee replacement (bilateral) 54920 56000 5100

If you are considering undertaking knee replacement in India, this information is all that you need. For the other important things, such as selection of doctors, visa processes, please get in touch with our IPD.


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